Hello Friends & Family!

Welcome to my first ever attempt at blogging…I figured that now was as good a time as any to get started, as I’m about to embark on what’s being called the “trip of a lifetime”.

I’m very fortunate to have had the opportunity to take some time off from a very busy career to do some traveling, reflect and decide what I’d like to do with the next chapter of my life.  My very own version of “Eat. Pray. Love.”

So here’s the scoop.  My last day of work was October 31st, subsequent to which I packed up my worldly belongings, put them in storage in San Diego, filled my car with a few suitcases and made my way up the west coast en route to Seattle, which is serving as my “home base” and official address of record for the next several months. After a quick flight to the east coast for my cousin’s wedding (congratulations Bobby & Susan!) and a fabulous excursion to NYC with my Mom (Jane) and sister-in-law (Kathi), it was time to get busy with details of trip planning–obtaining visas, new passport pages, vaccinations, hotels, flights, etc.

I departed the US on December 30th, with the following itinerary (in order of travel):

New Zealand





Indonesia (Bali)

Myanmar (aka Burma)



I returned to the US in early May, then took off again, this time for South America.  Just 2 destinations on this leg of my trip:



And finally, beginning in July, a jaunt through Europe:





Czech Republic


Bosnia & Herzegovina







Thanks for joining me on this fabulous journey!

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7 Responses to Hello Friends & Family!

  1. Rudy says:

    Can’t tell you how excited I am for you. Know that your though of and prayed for all the way. I look forward to following your adventure and smile that I miss along that.
    Love ya lots

  2. Bobbie Sicignano says:

    What amazing travels! It was good to see you at Bobby and Susan’s wedding before you began your world travels. Make many memories for a lifetime to enjoy. – Bobbie & Patsy

    • Kim Natale says:

      It’s been a very good year and I am so blessed to be having this experience. I pinch myself every day. Hope to see you and Patsy again soon. Glad to have you traveling along with me!

  3. xbox2121 says:

    You have an interesting site here. I follow a couple of travel blogs. I enjoy them because they allowed me to see parts of the world I haven’t seen before through the eyes and words of another

  4. Hi Kim, I’m so glad to have found ur blog. Your doing just what I had planned to do to mark my 40th birthday, which was last month. Unfortunately I was unable to find the money but am hopeful that this time next year I will be able to go for it. I look forward to reading ur blog and picking up tips. Enjoy your journey

    • Kim Natale says:

      Hi Linda! Thank you so much for your email. I’m actually now back in the US after taking most of 2013 to travel around the globe. Have just finished my first month in my new job and am adjusting to life back in the corporate world. I do hope that you’ll read my blog through and be inspired by it. It was the single best decision I ever made and I couldn’t recommend it more. Do whatever you can to make it happen…you’ll not regret it. WHEN you do begin traveling, I’d love to hear how things are going (and recommend that you write a blog as well…it’s a great way to keep your friends/family in the loop and to document your “trip of a lifetime”). Best of luck to you and happy future traveling!

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